For premium Auckland property management of your rental properties, call us at Rent People!

At Rent People you and your tenants can count on us for outstanding Auckland property management services. We’re available 24-hours per day, seven days a week and cover all tenant woes and emergency call-outs.

We’ll work hard to find the best tenants for your property

The first thing we’ll do is find tenants for your rental properties Auckland.

Our find-a-tenant service includes:

  • advertising costs
  • reference checking
  • credit history
  • defaults
  • look up existing tenancy tribunal judgements
  • we also search a range of databases looking for any history or known issues.

Potential tenants fill out an application form which includes working and living situations and referees for us to call. Once we’ve collected all the information and have conducted background checks, we will select the most suitable tenants for your property and consult with you also.

Property inspections

Each year we’ll do four comprehensive property inspections, the cost of which is included in your weekly management charge (Additional inspections charged at $45 + GST per inspection).  We’ll carefully inspect the property’s interior and exterior to make sure the tenants are treating it respectfully. We will report to you any repairs or preventative maintenance that may be necessary.

Basic Rental Property Maintenance

While we’re on site at your rental house, apartment or commercial property, we’re happy to take care of basic maintenance. By handling simple tasks while we’re already there, we’ll save you on call out fees and the cost of contractors. We charge a competitive hourly rate of $45 (plus GST). If we are unable to do the work ourselves, we have a number of trusted contractors who are more than capable of completing work for you. A 5% commission fee plus GST will be charged on the total invoice amount.

Rent Collection

All rent is paid into our ANZ Trust account. We forward the rent to you fortnightly by automatic payment (minus our management fee and any other applicable fees) into your nominated bank account. We’ll urgently follow up on rent arrears in accordance with our management agreement and Residential Tenancy Act 1986.

Issues with tenants

If necessary we’ll issue notices for ‘14-day to remedy’, either for property inspection issues or rent arrears. We’ll also deal with applications for eviction, order of examination, attachment orders and warrants to seize property. If mediation is required, we’ll handle applications to the order of the tenancy tribunal. If we chose your tenant or if we have been managing your property for more than 3 months, these costs are included in our fee.

Communication and correspondence

We believe that good communication is the key to good relationships between tenants, managers and landlords. We act as the middle-man, keeping you up to date with what issues have arisen at your rental properties Auckland, and any future issues likely to be on the horizon.

Professional & Trusted Service

Rent People Ltd was recently audited by the ministry that oversees tenancy services and was found compliant in all requirements set out in the Residential Tenancy Act, with a special mention regarding the completeness of tenancy related documents, attention to detail and our committment to best practice. A copy of the letter from the ministry audit is available on request.

For property management services in Central Auckland, West Auckland, East Auckland, the North Shore, and South Auckland, call us at Rent People – our services are available in English and Chinese.

When you appoint us at Rent People as your Auckland property managers, you can count on us to:

  • Save you valuable time, so you can spend time doing the things you love rather than worrying about rental property hassles
  • Collect rent for you and follow up with any arrears
  • Perform all-important background checks to ensure you get trustworthy tenants
  • Help out with basic property maintenance
  • Provide 24/7 support to the tenants so they and your property are always looked after

Call us at Rent People for a full Auckland property management service, we’ve been in business since 2006 and have a proven track record of reliable and trustworthy services from a team of dedicated property managers operating all over Auckland.

Additional Services provided by contractors

Below are a list of contractors we routinely use for maintenance and repair work that we don’t do ourselves. We recommend these contractors and tradespeople as we have found their services to be professional, reliable and affordable.

If you choose to contact them directly, please mention Rent People.


For electrical work, appliances, lighting security systems.

Modern Electrical Solutions Ltd (South and East Auckland)

(09) 279 0124 or 021 258 3635

Allworkz Electrical Ltd

Ryan Gillard (North Shore, Central and Rodney districts)
0508 255 967 or 021 519 225

Financial Services

For investment loans, home loans, business loans, construction loans

360 Financial Services

Nick Jan-in
(09) 392 2360 or 022 673 9916


For evictions, cutting keys, picking/cracking locks and security concerns

Local Locksmiths (Mobile locksmiths)

0508 562 576 or 021 156 7370



0508 758 643

Abbots Drainage

0800 274 678

Galbraith Plumbing and Drainage

(09) 489 8002

Real Estate Sales

Thinking of selling your property?

We recommend

Sandy Chang at Pakuranga and Howick Realty

(09) 265 4530 or 021 899 687